Inclusivity is one of our main goals. We are happy to offer a variety of size options to best fit you and your needs.

Beaded Bracelet (in) Chain Bracelet (in) Chain Anklet (in) Chain Necklace (in) Hoop Earrings (mm)
Small 6.25 6 8 16 25
Medium  6.75 6.5 9 18 40
Large 7.25 7 10 20 50
 Child 5.5 5.5 6 14 n/a

Our most commonly sold adult size is medium. We also offer small and large. If you have a custom size request, please contact us directly at

Finding Your Best Fit
To find your best fit for bracelets and anklets, we recommend measuring your wrist and/or ankle, then adding .5 inches. Our beaded bracelets are stretchy and are meant to have a relaxed fit.